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various assundry of things

So my dad calls. He says, “What’s wrong with your blog?” I say, “nothing.” He says, “It sends me to your church website.” I say, “No Dad, it doesn’t. It takes you to my new blog.” He says, “But your old blog was brooklynchurchplant, right?” “Yes, Dad.” He says, “Well now I’m sent to a ccfb site or something like that. It’s not your blog.” “Yes it is, Dad. It’s my new blog. I’m still blogging but just at another site.” Silence.

I know this is hard folks, but we can do it. I know we can. Change your RSS feeds, your bookmarks or whatever. This is where the action is.


Ira spends most of his waking hours off the vent. We got the go-ahead from his pulmonologist to wean him from the vent during his nap. If he handled that well, then we would start weaning him during the night. However, Ira’s CO2 readings aren’t great while sleeping and off the vent so we’re keeping him plugged up during the sleeping hours.

It was a slight blow as we were sure he would handle this well but he’s just not ready. This blow might have had more impact on us in the past but Ira’s done so well that the joy we feel regarding his moves forward overwhelm this slight stall. He’ll get there. He will.


Go back and read the archives. Not once did I give up on the Yankees this season. Not once. While there are still more games to be played, you gotta admit that they are one of the best teams in the MLB right now if not the best. C’mon, admit it.


You do know, don’t you, that “assundry” is not really a word? We southern folk got all lazy with our language and made it into one but the reality is that it isn’t. Anyone care to take a stab at the origin of this lazy use of the English language? Can you do so without using google? 🙂


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9 Responses

  1. fritz says:

    “Murderer’s Row and Robinson Cano!” Isn’t that what Leyland says? And the ace of the staff is–Wang? Who would have guessed that while they were in Tampa? You crack me up, Joe. You may not have given up on the Yanks, but you were not exactly a happy camper during the Angels series.

    Ira’s a stud!

  2. Sarah says:

    Too bad about Ira- I know he’ll get off the vent entirely soon.

    I think the phrase is “various and sundry” which means lots of little things. And I think sundry really is a word…

  3. M Holly says:

    I always thought the phrase was “various and sundry”, sundry meaning “various” or “miscellaneous.” Kind of redundant, don’t you think?

  4. Dana says:

    I think that word origin comes from “sundry,” which means “various or several.” The word “sundries” refers to a collection of various small things. On cruise ships and in hotels, they often call the little kiosk where you buy necessesties a “sundry shop.”

    Am I right? Do I get a prize? If so, can it be cookies?

  5. Brent says:

    Well, I have been keeping up with you a little off and on by your blog, and feeling nostalgic, I thought I’d write a little something to you just to let you know that even old friends never really go away. I spent some time looking through your trip pictures, pretty cool! I am touched by your plight with the church and family and pray for you always as you share your journey with others. Take care, I must go and coach some small town Texas High School football–nothin like it!

  6. JTB says:

    I used to tell my Chinese students, back when I was a “foreign expert” (now I’m no longer either), when they got all fussed about their accents and wanting to sound American, that all they needed to do was be as lazy speakers as possible, and they’d sound totally American…

    Joe, this is cool. I may have to give up on blogger just to be cool like this too.

    And since there’s already an answer for “assundry,” can someone please explain “I swanny”? Did anyone else grow up with this one?

  7. Stacey Grimm says:

    I never knew that “assundry” wasn’t a word, and that in using it I was showing my “Southern”, until today when I was typing in my own blog using the word and the Spell-Checker said, “No, that’s not a word”. Well, it didn’t actually say that to me in those words, but it put a neat little dashed red line under the word. So on I went, hunting down the correct spelling only to find there isn’t one … official … correct … spelling. Hmm.

    And here I thought “y’all” was my only remaining Southernism that I cling to fiercely since I moved “up North”.

  8. David Smith says:

    I too never new that it wasn’t a word. My daughter was watching a TV show and heard it and asked what it meant. I explained it to her but then decided to look up the “dictionary” definition, except that I couldn’t find one. I found this blog which then got me trying to figure out where it came from. There is an idiom “all and sundry” which I suspect southerners have contracted to assundry but I would be willing to be wrong.:-) Oh, by the way I grew up in a small town in northwestern Ohio from Kentucky.

  9. Lesley Stronach says:

    I must have heard it somewhere in relation to various or other miscellaneous. My boyfriend is an author with 164 IQ and does lots of word exchange research. I didn’t want to use it in a text message to him and sound dumb. So in researching the word assundry online it got me here. Still not sure I dare use it. My email is for anyone that cares to give me input.

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